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Student Inputs
Students and Brainwaves

The Associate Dean, School of Communication, Quinnipiac University and his two teenage children visited the lab of Paras Kaul who explained that the brain matters. She also explained that the brainwave interface she was using has EEG (electro-encephalographic) analysis programmed in the software, which separates the brain's frequency values into the following domains: Gamma, high Beta, medium Beta, low Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

New Media Communications

In addition to being deeply involved with brainwave research, Brainwave Spaces offers consultation and innovation for best practices that market and promote your brand using up-to-date media communication tools. Contact us for your New Media Communication needs. Meet with us to discuss how our photographers, videographers and brain game developers work with you to develop key messaging that represents your services. Ask us about Virtual Reality.

WujiTech Inc

Brainwave Spaces now produces MindMedia for WujiTech, Inc. MindMedia uses brainwaves to interact with multimedia. Using the WujiTech cloud-based dashboard for secure content management, brainwave and other data is collected and managed for comparative analysis and feedback, lending itself to application development for education and health. The WujiBrainWave app tracks Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma brainwave frequencies.