Brainwave Chick

Music Composition and Performances

The Brainwave Chick

Brainwave Chick is a collaborative brainwave concert performance by Mark Applebaum and Paras Kaul. The neural environment created for the performances features sound sculptures, designed and played by Applebaum and 3D digital animation designed by Kaul. Animations use color and symbolism to represent a variety of mental states which are mimicked by Paras' brainwave switching among frequency domains ranging from high beta, low beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

Concert Technology

A feedback loop exists between three computer systems, two operated by Applebaum, and the other by Paras. The result of this process is a continuous play of communication between Applebaum and Paras. The IBVA, Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer system, is used as an interface to Paras' computer and facilitates transmission of the neural signaling from Paras to her computer and then transferred to Applebaum's computer where it is converted to MIDI note numbers before being articulated by the sound sculptures.

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