Brainwave Gaming Communities Online

Brainwave Research and Multimedia

A goal of Brainwave Spaces is to develop brainwave gaming communities online to facilitate remote interaction between users who have compatible brainwave hardware and software, as well as high-speed Internet connections. The potential exists for neural data uploaded to the web to animate 3-D digital objects in a gaming environment that appears on a web browser.

Two or more users with the appropriate logins can interactivity control the objects in the gaming environment. Working together remotely, they analyze neural and biofeedback that creates animation conducive to low-stress, focused, meditative brainwave activity. The gamers can work toward common goals where they strategize to generate predetermined low frequency animation.

Brainwave gaming communities are designed to help users develop greater coherence in predominantly low frequency neural signaling by learning to control visuals and audio via brainwave. Continued practice increases brainpower, which facilitates greater control of brainwave activity. This control of brainwave activity has the potential to decrease dis-ease in the mind and body before disease manifests itself in the body. It is possible that brainwave morphing is the principle behind energy healing.

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