Neuroscience, Health and Gaming

Performance in light

Brainwave technology facilitates new methodologies for communication, education and health.

Communication Tools

The next generation of communication tools will combine technological advancements in neuroscience, game design and healing, thus enabling application development for nonverbal communication, learning and healing.

Collaborative Event

October 2010 Two-Day Seminar
This seminar marked the first collaborative event between the Brain Science Institute and the Walters Art Museum. Questions were raised as to the developmental benefits resulting from collaborations between the creative minds of artists and scientific minds from the neuroscience community. Trandisciplinary research is necessary to bridge neuroscience, technology and design professionals for creative problem solving and information sharing that pertains to environmental issues that are currently plaguing the planet. The convergence of art and neuroscience will complete the next phase of our evolutionary development.

Ongoing Collaborative Events

DC Art Science Rendezvous (DASER) National Academy of Sciences Events in partnership with Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, has a monthly series of panel discussions and audience interaction to foster networking between the arts, sciences and technology. These events are significant because they address environmental issues and planetary change. Traditional methods of dealing and not dealing with these issues are no longer valid; therefore, creative solutions are necessary.

Distinguished Guests

For each monthly meeting, a panel of distinguished guests at the academy will discuss the need for scientists to embrace the creativity of artists for collaborations that will advance our civilization into the future.

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