Crop Circle Game

Gaming by Brainwave

Crop Circle GameThe Crop Circle game was presented at the SIGGRAPH 2006 Annual Conference in Boston as part of the Education Venue. A simulation of one of the crop circles discovered near Stonehenge, England was designed to move backwards and forwards on the Z-axis with a brain wave switch that measures peak values of brainwave amplitudes.

Brain switches also move individual spheres that comprise the crop circle formation up and down on the Y-axis. The object of this game is to be able to predetermine which sphere is moving where, and to animate individual spheres and the whole crop circle with brainwaves.

Brain Wave Audio Mixing

Crop Circle Game The crop circle game also uses audio to enhance the learning experience in the environment. Several sound tracks were created for the game, one of which is a voice over that provides information about the crop circle that was formed near Stonehenge, England in 1996. Brain wave switches were assigned to mix individual audio tracks in Apple's GarageBand application. Any sound application that includes the Audio Unit Lab (AU Lab) application can be used with IBVA, the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer. In the crop circle game, switches are set to control the audio gain of each track of a music composition that includes tracks of brainwave music and simulated alien sound effects. Switches can also be set to control filtering for the audio tracks.

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