Crossings Game

Gaming by Brainwave

Crossing GameThe Crossings Game, was presented at the Dana Centre Museum of Science in the UK. The object of the game was to sink a digital boat under water and raise a spirit object over the water. High beta frequencies also made different colored lotus flowers surface from the water as the boat would be sining.

The lowest theta brainwave frequences raise and rotate the spirit object in the 3-D gaming environment. All the graphic objects were moved by brainwave switches assigned to brainwave frequencies, amplitudes, and the overall coherence of the brain''s activity. Brainwave switches were also set to activate audio sounds from digital instruments built into Apple's operating system.

Game Concept

Crop Circle Game The Crossings Game was based on Greek mythology that describes the journey of the body and soul after death as a trip on the river Styx that forms a boundary between the earth and the underworld. In modern mythology, a ferryman is described as transporting souls of the newly dead to the underworld.

Gaming Experience

The intended experience playing the game is to evoke a feeling of transformation, and the programming was designed to focus one's attention and require low frequency signals to sink the boat and even lower frequency brainwaves to raise the spirit object.

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