Human Dolphin Interaction

Human Dolphin Virtual World Concept

Dolphins from Dolphin DiscoveryIn the future, the importance of designing brainwave applications that monitor and promote good health will become more widely accepted. In 1994 an exhibit was produced for the Edge Exhibition at SIGGRAPH 1994. For information regarding this exhibit see the Human Dolphin Virtual World Concept.

Swimming with Dolphins

Information gathered for this research has been collected from brainwave signals which indicate that humans emit more alpha and theta brainwave signals after swimming with dolphins.


Collaborators for the Human Dolphin World Concept have been featured in popular publications such as MacWorld and Wired and covered by popular media through presentations on television's Beyond 2000.

IDATRA Conferences in Cancun

The dolphins in this image are from Dolphin Discovery in Cancun. Attendees to the IDATRA Conferences, produced by Dave Cole and held in Cancun had the opportunity to swim with these dolphins.

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