Brainwave Games

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IBVA on a MacBook Pro

Prototypes for brainwave games developed by Paras Kaul utilize the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA), a bio and psychic feedback interface system to the computer. Using IBVA and applications in Apple Inc.'s OS X operating system, three-dimensional gaming environments can be developed that facilitate neurological learning and healing.

Multimedia and Neural Plasticity

Neurological game design combines multimedia with brainwave data to accelerate learning by exercising the brain using interactive biofeedback, to accelerate brain plasticity and brainpower. Since 1992, Paras Kaul has used IBVA to produce prototypes for brainwave games. Increasing brainpower expands perception and activates capabilities, such as nonverbal communication, remote viewing, and self-healing. Interaction with the gaming environment is by brainwaves, which are used to control the motion of 3-D digital objects in three-dimensional space.

Game Content

Course content can be incorporated into brainwave games, whereby the goal is to willfully influence changes in the gaming environment, while exercising the brain's ability to brainwave switch. This switching controls the movement of 3-D digital objects and audio tracks. The potential exists to create a variety of brainwave games in a variety of subject areas.

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