Brainwave Morphing


Performance in light

Brainwave morphing utilizes theta healing techniques to lower brainwave frequencies and stimulate the coherence of brainwave activity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which enhances intuitive function and perceptual awareness.

Greater awareness of the body's overall condition accompanies these increases, and dis-ease of the body is more readily detected before progressing to serious disease.

Theta Healing

Theta healing increases brainpower by developing the ability to willfully brainwave switch from one brainwave state to another, thus allowing the user to enter lower frequency ranges to eliminate noise and stress in the neural signaling. Using a brainwave interface, applications designed to lower frequencies and amplitudes of neural signaling and to increase brainwave cohterence enhance the potential for healing, nonverbal communication and remote viewing, which potentials have barely been addressed in academic environments.

EEG Brainwave Analysis

Electroencephalographic analysis (EEG) of brainwave signals delineates frequency values into bandwidths. Using an interactive brainwave analyzer, brainwave states, defined by brainwave data act as controllers for multimedia systems. High frequency, beta signaling produces agitated, stressful audio and visual control, and lower frequency alpha, theta, and delta signaling, being less chaotic in nature produce calmer music and smoother animation.

Brainwave frequencies, are delineated into the bandwidths below.

  • Gamma: 31-40 microvolts
  • High Beta: 21-30 microvolts
  • Medium Beta: 16-20 microvolts
  • Low Beta: 13-15 microvolts
  • Alpha: 8-12 microvolts
  • Theta: 5-7 microvolts
  • Delta: 2-4 microvolts

The Virtue of Practice

Continued practice with a brainwave game designed to facilitate low frequency neural activity allows one to achieve greater performance levels by willfully altering dominant brainwave activity to lower frequencies, such as alpha or theta. Learning begins to occur in an effortless manner by analyzing and monitoring the brainwave control of multimedia elements. While experiencing predominantly theta brainwaves, one realizes an increased ability to problem solve; thus, one quickly learns the advantages of existing in a clear, heightened perceptual state of mind.

Interactive Brainwave Analysis

Using current brainwave technologies, brainwaves animate movies, images, and digital objects in 3-D environments. Additionally brainwaves control the volume and filtering of audio tracks designed in music applications that have the Digital Audio Unit. To produce brainwave music, neural signaling is converted to MIDI notes which are assigned to software instruments in audio applications or in electronic hardware devices. Brainwave games for health are designed to increase low frequency brainwaves and coherence between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Brainwave Switches

Brainwave switching is accompanied by changes in the flow of nonverbal mental activity. These shifts in neural frequencies demonstrate the brain's power to alter neural signaling from predominantly beta signaling, to alpha, theta, and delta dominance. In the future, we will need to draw upon low frequency dominance to problem solve for new issues, which the human species has not confronted in the past.

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