Theta Healing

Quiet the Mind and Begin the Dance

Light Image of the UniverseAs the bio-energetic aspect of being human comes to public awareness, there will be greater understanding of the full potential of the human brain. Using the power of the mind and the brain's potential more completely creates a healthier human being with enhanced abilities for creative thought, daily performance, self-healing and rehabilitation.

Theta Healing and

Brainwave Morphing

In conjunction with the brainwave morphing process, theta healing involves the analysis of brainwave signaling to determine predominant patterns of neural signaling over an extended period of time. Based on data analysis, the degree of coherence between the right and left hemisphere of the brain is determined.

Qigong and entrainment techniques are used to assist in lowering brainwave frequencies and increasing coherence between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Training the brain to mindfully switch to lower frequency ranges enables one to function with clarity and calmness to confront and reduce activity related to habitual behavior. In low frequency brainwave states, there is a decrease in unwanted thoughts, as one focuses on positive thoughts and activities.

Theta healing via brainwave morphing is excellent for breaking unwanted habits that are harmful for the body/mind connection. Increasing brainwave coherence balances mental and physical energies bringing forth feelings of well-being, which effect overall performance as well as mental activity.


To schedule an appointment for an individual brainwave morphing session that includes brainwave analysis and techniques to stimulate theta brainwaves, contact Paras Kaul via emall. Visit this website to see announcements about upcoming workshops that are open to all.

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