Web Design

In today's busy world where we are bombarded by many types of new media, the question arises as to what the best solutions are for companies to promote and market their products and services.

Brainiacs at Brainwave Spaces offer a streamlined, low-cost solution that includes a clearly navigable website with a built-in content management system, mobile phone app, and video ad for a one-cost scalable fee that fits your budget requirements.

video channel
Video Channel

Paras Kaul's research focuses on the use of technology to analyze brainwave states and to develop neurological tools that provide new methodologies for teaching, learning and healing.

Some of the videos on this channel were used in live performances where they are animated by brainwaves.

Other videos were produced at World Tai Chi Day at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in 2011.

Wuji Tech Cloud-Bassed Dashboard
Wuji Dashboard

WujiTech presents its cloud-based Dashboard that provides access to tools for community building with a powerful survey system that enables data collection, analysis and automated personal feedback.

Paras Kaul, brainwave specialist for WujiTech is producing MindMedia for WujiBrainWave.

Contact her for assistance with your MindMedia, or for a demonstration of Wuji Dashboard and MindMedia.

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