Game Design

Today's WujiBrainWave

Paras Kaul with Electrodes and Electronic Keyboard

Using a MindWave Mobile headset from NeuroSky, gamers can interact with WujiTech's MindMedia to monitor and collect brainwave data related to their experience with digital content. Brainwave gaming is available for gamers who have the NeuroSky headset and the WujiBrainWave application from WujiTech. If you would like customized MindMedia, Brainwave Spaces can work with you to customize MindMedia that meets your design and content needs.

Past Brainwave Game Prototypes

Prototypes for brainwave games developed by Paras Kaul utilize the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA), a biofeedback interface system for the computer. Using current versions of IBVA and applications in Apple Inc.'s OS X operating system, three-dimensional gaming spaces can be developed that market your branding.

Multimedia and Brainwaves

Brainwave gaming combines multimedia with brainwave data to accelerate learning by exercising the brain which enhances brain plasticity and brainpower. Masahiro Kahata is the developer of IBVA, first available in 1991. Since 1992, Paras Kaul has used IBVA to produce prototypes for brainwave games. Interaction with the gaming environment is by brainwaves, which are used to control the motion of 3-D digital objects in three-dimensional space.

Marketing Content

Marketing content can be incorporated into brainwave games, whereby the goal is to control 3-D digital objects related to the products or services that you provide. Brainwave gaming markets your brand by exercising the brain to increase product awareness. A gamer controls the movement of 3-D digital objects and audio tracks in the gaming environment. The potential exists to create brainwave games designed to sell your product or service. For example, if you are selling dresses, a gamer could use brainwaves to attach different dresses on a 3-D model of a female figure.