Paras's Neurological Research

Paras uses biofeedback with multimedia to make brainwave music and to control the sequencing of animation. For music, the brain becomes the instrument, and computer hardware and software are used to transfer the brainwaves to sound modules that play the brain wave music.

Paras says she works this way to emphasize the fact that the Brain Matters! Paras believes that humans have not actualized the full potential of the brain. She says,

"I think we need to maximize the brain's potential in order to problem solve for the future. The performances I do are designed to call attention to brain matters and to provide opportunities for me to speak about neurological learning and healing tools (NLT).

The idea of an NLT may seem strange, because as humans, we can use our brains without even trying. As with the organs and muscles in the body, the more they are exercised, the better they function. We need to learn to train the brain because continued practice with a neurological learning tool increases overall brainpower.

Current educational systems do not address the human capability for non-verbal communication."



Paras in her office at Mississippi State University in 2000. Photograph by Wendy Roussin

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