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What Is Brainwave Music

Brainwave music refers to a process, whereby brainwave values, input to the computer via a Bluetooth peripheral, are converted to frequency and amplitude values using fast Fourier transforms. These values are analyzed with EEG in the IBVA software, which outputs signaling as biofeedback in frequency ranges of beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Neural data converted to MIDI and input to sound applications are played as software instruments making brainwave music. Multiple tracks of brainwave music are composed, edited, and output as brainwave music compositions.

About Brainwave Chick

The first performance of "Brainwave Chick" was a pre-concert installation at Sonic Circuits V which was held in Bettersworth Auditorium at Mississippi State University in 1998. Dr. Mark Applebaum named the collaborative brainwave music composition "That Brainwave Chick" and continued to collaborate with Kaul for several more brainwave music concerts.

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