Lotus on Brainwaves

Paras Kaul, Artist's Interview

Kaul is a neural multimedia artist/researcher, and composer who utilizes a brainwave interface to create brainwave interactive movies and games. Prior to teaching at universities, Kaul was an artist at Digital Effects, Inc. in New York and at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. She has presented work internationally in the UK, Australia, and France, and in Boston, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Maryland, Michigan, Minneapolis, Orlando, Seattle and Virginia in the USA.

Note: brainwavechick.com is no longer a Paras Kaul website.

Lotus on Brainwaves

Lotus on Brainwaves is a brainwave interactive music composition to the accompaniment of digital animation. This artwork was designed for real time performance in collaboration with the EdgeEnsemble, under direction of contemporary music composer, Steve Antosca. The underlying music track was brainwave generated and produced with the use of the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA). In live performance, Kaul uses her brain to interact with the music and video for the final edit of the composition.


There is a rhythm and harmony created by the movement of the planets, referred to as the harmony of the spheres. Some say babies smile because they recognize this sound as natural music. If true, perhaps humans are happiest when the body movement entrains to the natural rhythms of the planets.

As an awareness of subtle frequencies and rhythms of natural sound develops, adults also become more relaxed and peaceful. Some may become sensitive to a communicative aspect of the music, which may deliver information that relates to our origin on the planet, as well as to ourselves in the future.

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