Where Neuroscience and Multimedia Converge

IBVA Brainwave System

Convergence is an educational process that combines multimedia and neuroscience to enhance current methodologies for teaching. Neurological learning tools and brainwave gaming exercise the brain, which increases the brain's plasticity, thus expanding brainpower. Anyone can do it, and the results are far-reaching.

Perceptual Training

An increased ability to perceive utilizes a greater percentage of the brain's natural potential. Greater brainpower further develops the capability for nonverbal communication, remote viewing and self-healing. Enhanced ability in these areas is necessary for our evolution as a species.

Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA)

IBVA4 and 5 brainwave interface systems (featured in the image above) provide a development environment to produce neurological learning tools and brainwave games, which are displayed as three-dimensional environments with 3-D digital graphics and audio that are animated by brainwaves.

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