Neural Multimedia Artist/Researcher



Brain Wave Chick Performance Image
"That Brainwave Chick", an original brainwave music composition produced by Paras Kaul and Mark Applebaum, was first performed for a Sonic Circuits Festival at Mississippi State University in 1998.

Brain Wave Art

Using a brainwave interface to the computer, Paras Kaul inputs neural data to the computer. Data are transformed by fast Fourier analysis, which converts the neural data to frequency and velocity values on a timeline. These values are used to control the sequencing of animation. The neural data can also be converted to MIDI notes which are input to sound modules and output as brainwave music.

The interface used for this brainwave multimedia work is IBVA, Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer System. After her first brain wave music performance, Paras began to be referred to as "That Brainwave Chick". Since the first performance at Mississippi State University, Kaul has performed at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, the LA Convention Center for the SIGGRAPH Art Show in 2000, the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, the Corcoran Art Gallery, the Warehouse Nextdoor, the University of Maryland, and George Mason University's Concert Hall.

Professional Background