That BrainWave Chick

I am convinced that I was destined to spend time at Mississippi State University (MSU) in order to meet Dr. Mark Applebaum. Mark was an Assistant Professor in the Music Education Department during the time I was there. Now Mark teaches music composition and theory at Stanford University, and I am the Director of Web Communications at George Mason University. I sometimes teach in the Art and Visual Technology department at Mason.

Mark and I moved to Mississipi from California, and we both shared a progressive vision of the future. He had completed a PhD in music composition at the University of California, San Diego. I had been teaching at Cal State LA, after completing MFA studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. We began to work on the audio aspect of my research, and I began to take graduate courses in music composition while teaching as an Assistant Professor in a Graduate Program in Electronic Visualization at MSU.

Working with Mark, we composed the first version of BrainWave Chick, which was called "That BrainWave Chick".

The first performance of "That BrainWave Chick" was a pre-concert installation at Sonic Circuits V which was held in Bettersworth Auditorium at Mississippi State University in 1998.

From the first performance of "That BrainWave Chick"

Paras in her office Mississippi State University. Photograph by Wendy Roussin/2000

See the first performance of
"That BrainWave Chick"
at Sonic Circuits V