Neural Multimedia Artist/Researcher



George Mason University home page

As the Director of Web Communications, Paras coordinates development of George Mason University's website.


Associate Director, Creative Services, University Relations, George Mason University

Director, Web Communications, University Relations, George Mason University
Directs Mason's Internet marketing presence in conjunction with the coordination of the university website. Meets with faculty members to develop departmental websites. Manages a web development staff that produces websites and online university publications. Leads an initiative to put Mason on the Access Grid to enable international research and education over Internet2. Serves on committees making decisions in regard to future directions of technology at the university. Experience with Internet protocols and procedures: Telnet, Fetch, WS_FTP. Multi-platform experience with Unix, Linux, IRIX, OS 9/X, and Windows workstations and servers. Experience with MySQL, PHP, HTML.

Applications Used: Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Quicktime, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, IDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Autodesk's Maya 3D animation software

Coordinator, Electronic Publications, University Relations, George Mason University

Website Production and Server Management
Produced and managed an independent server: The Neural Audio Imaging VR Network(NAIVR) at Mississippi State University. The server was on a SGI O2 computer. A multimedia server project, produced with graduate students in the Electronic Visualization Program, was exhibited at Internet2 Conferences in Michigan and Seattle.

Professional Background